AI at Conferences: Game-Changer or Just Another Boring Session?

When registering myself from some professional conferences, I found greater emphasis on ChatGPT and AI regulation. I write about what I am now dreading with this trend.

AI at Conferences: Game-Changer or Just Another Boring Session?
Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov / Unsplash

It's that time of the year when you decide which conferences to go to (ahem) further and maintain your professional knowledge.

Last year, I made a concerted effort to be more involved and ensure my (ahem) money was well spent. It was a great introduction, and I decided to continue my exploits.

I'll be going to APF 2023!

I am so excited that I hardly even know the details before throwing my money at them: For IAPP's APF23, there's not much more  than a broad outline. SCCE's Singapore Regional Conference doesn't even have a venue. I haven't read the agenda for tomorrow's APAC Legal Congress! The suspense is exciting!

These conferences seemed determined to catch the ChatGPT bug, though. The first bullet point on APF23's Agenga is "Elucidating and Demystifying the Use of Privacy Around ChatGPT". The APAC Legal Congress will also have a talk named "ChatGPT & The legal Implications for the in-house counsel". I am sure corporate compliance and ethics will get around to it because interest is immense, and everyone's dying to hear it.

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