About Love.Law.Robots.

About Love.Law.Robots.

Love. Law. Robots. is my personal blog. The positions, opinions and strategies set out in this site are my own and do not represent my employer’s or anyone I work with.

Hi, I'm Houfu. I stumbled into Law mainly by accident when I was an 18-year-old kid wondering what to do with my life. I also stumbled into computers and programming mainly as a kid needing something to do with my life. I trip over things a lot.

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Some of the things I have done for work and fun:

Features - Love.Law.Robots.
The features page presents long-form articles that are generally free.
Automate Boring Stuff: Get Python and your Web Browser to download your judgements
This post is part of a series on my Data Science journey with PDPC Decisions. Check it out for more posts on visualisations, natural languge processing, data extraction and processing!Update 13 June 2020: “At least until the PDPC breaks its website.” How prescient… about three months after I wrote
Write programs to scrape the content off websites (with doubtful legality)
Let’s Play with: Pi-Hole
I try to install Pi-Hole Server to block all ads and tracking websites at home.
Run a server to try out open-source programs.
NUS cases show why judge analytics is needed in Singapore
Throwing anecdotes around fails to convince any side of the situation in Singapore. The real solution is more data.
Something about social justice, something about actual justice.

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For the record, the content here on this website is provided for general information, and nothing here should be relied upon as legal advice. So don’t be a fool – if you need advice, hire a lawyer, don’t read a blog.