About Love.Law.Robots.

Learn more about this blog and how it came about. Be introduced to some of my favourite articles.

About Love.Law.Robots.

Love. Law. Robots. is my personal blog. The positions, opinions and strategies set out on this site are my own and do not represent my employer or anyone I work with.

Hi, I'm Houfu. I stumbled into Law mainly by accident when I was an 18-year-old kid wondering what to do with my life. I also stumbled into computers and programming mainly as a kid needing something to do with my life. I trip over things a lot.

If you subscribe to this blog, you will get an interesting selection of articles on technology, lawyering and Singapore law.  As this is my personal blog, I like to focus on what's interesting to me, which I believe will be interesting to you.

Some of the things I have done for work and fun:

Let’s Play with: Pi-Hole
I try to install Pi-Hole Server to block all ads and tracking websites at home.
I regularly experiment with interesting open source software. You can get a low down on what is the most interesting software which you can try out personally!
Evaluating Legislation for Readability, Exploring PLUS
Using Python, Streamlit and data science, I evaluate the changes in the 2020 Revised Edition of Laws in Singapore for readability.
I take legislation to the number cruncher and see how its readability statistics end up. See how machine learning and data science can apply to law.
Mining PDFs to obtain better text from Decisions
After several attempts at wrangling with PDFs, I managed to extract more text information from complicated documents using PDFMiner.
With great frustration comes great ideas. Several readers commented that this article was interesting and gave them ideas on how they can approach similar problems.
Why I would use Excel for my Contract Management System
How do I get on this legal technology wave? Where do I even start? A “contract management system” or a “document management system” (“CMS”) is a good place. Business operations are not affected, but the legal department can get their hands dirty and show results for it. If you would
I don't always go for the greatest and the snazziest solutions. I am a busy person in a tight outfit, so sometimes I have to push existing tools to the max.

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For the record, the content here on this website is provided for general information, and nothing here should be relied upon as legal advice. So don’t be a fool – if you need advice, hire a lawyer and don’t read a blog.