Back to the drawing board.

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At first, I thought I would have some free time to do some projects while being cooped up at home. Turns out, being cooped up at home with a child on a 24/7 basis leaves time for not much else.

Among the less noticeable things which are happening in the privacy space in Singapore is that the PDPC has sort of revamped their websites. It looks far more modern now. For one, it doesn’t use a crappy system font like Verdana; it now uses “Avenir” which is French for “future” . A much better use of color across the website. You can compare it if you like.

Overall, it looks great. If I wanted to quibble, it could use a lot less words on screen.

Actually, I have a lot more to quibble. After updating the site, they removed the RSS Feed to their announcements. This was the primary way I obtained updates on the site.

Furthermore pdpc-decisions was also wrecked by the new layout changes. Since I am still using the scraper for various personal projects, I’m working overtime to get it working again. To date, 484 lines of code have been affected. Oh my gosh!

So pardon for the lack of updates. I am just really out of time. Groan.


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