Love.Law.Robots — 10 September 2021 (What if this was a video?)

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Everything changed about the pandemic — we now work from home, learn from home, and attend video conferences rather than phone calls or face to face meetings. Some of this is weird, but some of this is even weirder. One example of the latter is that I have become more used to seeing myself on the screen.

What does this mean for the blog? I will be exploring how to make videos to write posts. This is not a change I would have expected in June when I moved to Ghost. (Certainly, Ghost's membership functions have made it easier to convince me that the effort to learn and produce will be worth it.)

I originally believed that video posts take a lot of effort to create but are also lame. (I read faster than I watch someone.) Now, I have come to believe it can be more fun and engaging. So, you might hear my voice and see my face soon. I ain't a handsome fella, so please don't be turned away!

I know how to do it technically, and the equipment should not be difficult to get. I will be experimenting, though, so hang on.

What I am reading now

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I finally managed to do some housekeeping and write a featured post containing all the content I have worked on for PDPC Decisions. I know it's not easy to find the “journey” on the website, so hopefully, you will have a better experience.

Post Updates

As mentioned above, videos are coming to this blog. I haven't decided exactly what kind of content should be in a video. However, I am sure that any tutorial or long-form video will be a full member's privilege. It takes away the vexing question of whether I have to “lock up” posts to provide value to full members and what kind of posts should be public. As I said, I am experimenting with this model, so I will be changing as I go.


I am using my laptop to obscure the mess on my table.

That's it for this newsletter. Maybe there's a chance you will see me in a video for the next one.

(For curious subscribers, there isn't a “swag” shop for this blog. However, if you would like a shiny sticker on your laptop, you can email me with your details, and I can send one for free to you.)

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