Love.Law.Robots — 25 November 2021 (Thanksgiving!)

We are almost coming to the end of the year and it's that time where we count our chickens and our eggs. We still have a month ago before the end of 2021 so I will leave my plans for 2022 for another post.

Instead, I would like to record my thanks to the subscribers to who I get the opportunity to regularly send emails. It's always nice to attach a name to the work you do, so you are doing lots to keep me going!

I am embarrassed for sure, but I have prepared a little survey for subscribers. It's your chance to give me feedback on how Love.Law.Robots is doing and to mould what it will be like in the future.

You can click on this image to access the survey. Thank you!

What I am reading now

Web Scraping with Python, 2e: Collecting More Data from the Modern Web : Mitchell, Ryan: BooksWeb Scraping with Python, 2e: Collecting More Data from the Modern Web : Mitchell, Ryan: BooksRyan MitchellI earn a commission from purchases made through this affiliate link.

OpenAI APIAn API for accessing new AI models developed by OpenAI

“The Legal Innovation Agenda – Pre and Post COVID” — Last Night, I gave this Virtual Talk for Jones Day Chair of Commercial Law at Singapore Management University … (500 Slides in ~60 minutes) #LegalTech #LegalInnovation #LegalData

— Computational Legal (@computational) November 17, 2021


My post on using docker-compose and traefik is quite charming now that I look back at it. The server is still dutifully running docassemble and others. However, I now have a new problem: I have three computers running docker – a legacy desktop, a NAS and a Raspberry PI. I have always wondered whether I am making full use of them. It's only natural to expand my cloud computing knowledge. I believe that a docker swarm post is the natural follow up.

Docker Swarm RocksDocker Swarm mode ideas and toolslogoLearn about Docker Swarm here!

That's it!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do take some time to fill in the Subscriber Survey I will see you again soon!

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