Love.Law.Robots. — 27 August 2021

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August is almost over! With this, I have completed 3 months on Ghost. I am still feeling my way around this newsletter thing, so bear with me as I continue working on it. One of my new experiments is to use little title cards to feature quotes from my article for social media marketing. Like this little gem from my last post:

I am ashamed of my subpar graphic design skills, though.

Hmm. Needs a tad more work, back to Inkscape.

What I am reading now


It's great to hear good things about your posts from time to time, and this week features “Mining PDFs to obtain better text from Decisions”, which was described by a reader as helpful and inspiring. The post talks about reverse-engineering PDFs, which is the prevailing format in court decisions. I've always wondered why I didn't think about using the formatting of a document to improve parsing its information. It's literally right in front of me! Inspiration is such an odd journey, which is why it can be exciting. I am thinking of employing the technique to lift text from all sorts of decisions, which will make them more accessible.

Mining PDFs to obtain better text from DecisionsAfter several attempts at wrangling with PDFs, I managed to extract more text information from complicated documents using PDFMiner.Love.Law.Robots.Houfu

Post Updates

I am still experimenting with the right balance between free, subscriber and paid content so that you might notice some A/B testing or modifications to my approach.

I also just learnt that I am supposed to prune my subscriber list for non-active readers. If you are reading this, you aren't likely to be affected. In any case, I would send a reminder email before making any drastic moves.

That's it!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out!


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