New homes for judgements in the UK... and Singapore?

I look at envy in the UK while exploring some confusing changes in the Singapore Supreme Court website.

New homes for judgements in the UK... and Singapore?

Ever since I was a law student, I loved BAILII, as well as its international counterparts AustLII and CanLII. This was in the previous decade, where such free sources were still a work in progress. So what if they were ugly?  It was free and spared me a trip to the library. Over the years, they have certainly improved. You can still see the echoes of the previous century in the website design of BAILII, but its scope has expanded immensely. You can now read leading cases by subject there, just like a law student.

So, I was impressed when I read that court judgements in the UK will get a new home. BAILII will continue, but I would think the accessibility of such resources would be more secure now that the UK government is behind it.

But this post isn't really about BAILII or the UK. It's about the Singapore Supreme Court judgements page.

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