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This is my quirky little blog detailing my journeys in the world of tech and law.

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About Love.Law.Robots.
Love. Law. Robots. is my personal blog. The positions, opinions and strategiesset out in this site are my own and do not represent my employer’s or anyone Iwork with. Hi, I’m Houfu. I stumbled into Law mainly by accident when I was an 18-year-oldkid wondering what

A little history

A long time ago, everything was free, but it made me unhappy. I spent a lot of time and money on this blog and saw people come and go. I wished there was a way for visitors to give back to me.

After months of pondering, I decided on this subscription-based model. It represents the best balance between knowing more about my audience and letting my knowledge be free.

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Full membership comes with a paying subscription. Subscriptions are SGD15 a year – it's slightly over $1 a month, which is as good as giving me a cup of coffee every month. If I get enough subscriptions, I might be able to buy bubble tea!

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Full membership is vital in supporting the work I do. This means ensuring I stay on the course to create content and share my knowledge and creativity.

How much does it cost to run Love.Law.Robots?
I code. I law. I am a unicorn.
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