Love.Law.Robots. by Ang Hou Fu


Large language models like #ChatGPT present a unique opportunity to train #lawyers in new ways. I discuss a simple courtroom #simulator I created that is able to mimic the cuts and thrusts of advocacy, and wonder whether anyone will use it.

A cockpit with many lights; Photo by <a href="">Johannes Blenke</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>


I compare two discussion papers on possible approaches to regulating the use of generative #AI.

Feature Photo by Chris Linnett / Unsplash

Given the coming AI Apocalypse, you would expect tech companies to barrel down and make their products safe at all costs. Well, you know they are completely focused on averting the Cthulu apocalypse... when they are on a world tour.

Since we are not going to get much of a hand from companies like #OpenAI, it's up to users to figure out how to do AI safety by themselves. I've been fortunate to come across two new approaches to share with my readers.


The angst about #AI apocalypse shouldn't be about the Cthulu apocalypse. At least, it should be something that works.

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Fresh from learning what happens if you use #ChatGPT (wrongly) in court, it seems that not a day goes by without some dire warning about large language models and AI.