The Latest from the PDPC: The Good, The Bad and the Undertaking

Some time has elapsed since I studied an enforcement decision from the Personal Data Protection Commission in Singapore. How much has changed for data protection since then?

The Latest from the PDPC: The Good, The Bad and the Undertaking
Photo by Mark Eder / Unsplash

Regular readers might have noticed the disappearance of articles relating to the Personal Data Protection Commission’s decisions lately. However, as news of the “largest” data breach in Singapore came out, I decided to look into this area again.

My lack of interest paralleled the changing environment, which allowed me to keep up-to-date on them:

  1. The PDPC removed their RSS feed for the latest updates;
  2. I am not allowed to monitor their website manually; and
  3. The PDPC started issuing shorter summaries of their decisions, which makes their work more opaque and less interesting.

Looking at this area again, I wanted to see whether the insights I gleaned from my earlier data project might hold and what would still be relevant going forward.

Data Science with Judgement Data – My PDPC Decisions Journey
An interesting experiment to apply what I learnt in Data Science to the area of law.

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