Love.Law.Robots. by Ang Hou Fu


Two people seated at a table. conversation. A robot barista behind them. Friendly. Warm. Inviting.

Since receiving support requests and development ideas all over the place for redlines, I decided to try running a #Matrix room to centralise some discussion and an informal venue to ask weird and “stupid” questions. Since I am in the mood for experimentation, I wanted to run robots in my room. For my redlines room, I wanted a robot to track the activity on the GitHub repo, and welcome new users by posting what is the purpose of the room etc.

I was surprised to find very little documents or bots on how to run a matrix bot. I decided to go with maubot because I like the idea of plugins. While the interface and the docs leaves something to be desired, it’s actually relatively straightforward. Here’s a short write-up/#tutorial of how I did it in case it helps someone out there.